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Who we are


DHR stands for Davis, Hull, & Rowden.  DHR was formed in 2001 by Ricky Davis, David Hull, and Greg Rowden.  All three of these men have over 35 years each in Sonic and have been very successful. 

At the time when DHR was formed there were eleven Sonic Drive-In locations owned by the three.  Ricky Davis owns five Sonics with his longtime partner and first ever Sonic Manager, Mr. Gene Longworth. David Hull owns three Sonics with Gene Longworth that are also part of the MHR Sonic group. Greg Rowden owns four other Sonics along with his longtime friends Dallas and Don Benson.  All of these original twelve stores have now been adopted into the DHR family for reporting and consistency purposes even though the original ownership groups remain the same.

The first actual DHR Sonic Drive In was built in 2001 in the small rural town of Cave City, Arkansas. Currently counting the original eleven, there are 31 DHR Sonic locations operating in Arkansas,Tennessee and Oklahoma. Sonic Corporate considers DHR one of the premiere sonic groups in the chain and therefore have plans to help it continue unprecedented growth in the years to come.

There were many practical reasons that brought the three original partners together but below we have listed

perhaps the main five things that drew them together:

Perhaps the main five things that drew them together:
1) Each loves the Lord and gives God the glory and praise for All He has done for them.
2) Each started working at Sonic as a crew member at a young age and worked their way up.
3) Each had purchased and ran extremely successful Sonics, some of the top stores in the chain.
4) Each had partners that helped them along the way and are still involved with them.
5) Each had a desire to help their people continue to grow and is committed to growth from within.

The future for DHR is extremely bright and full of opportunity.  With a business strategy developed around growth, DHR is seeing record growth in sales and profits.  This in turn leads to future opportunity for our people. DHR is focused on developing the next generation of leaders, and some of these are the grown children of Ricky, David and Greg, as well as many longtime loyal crew members who have worked their way up the organization.

Recently, under the leadership of Scott Davis, Cody Davis, and Josh Rowden,  DHR has invested in and opened their first Slim Chickens Restaurant in Southaven, MS.  With plans to build a total of 7 stores by 2024, this new venture will bring more opportunity for DHR and the great people that make up this incredible organization.  



It is our cornerstone belief that "Our People Make the Difference".

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